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If you are reading this on LiveJournal, you should pop on over to my DreamWidth for just a second to see the icon that I made of Lyna. I am fond of it.


In which we fuck around in Denerim, look for a holy relic, and have some Serious Business talk about the elves )
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In which dreams are bad, sloth demons are worse, and Alistair is adorable )
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No pretense of actual purpose to this post, just more Dragon Age!

Spoilers through end of Redcliffe Castle.

In which we finally kick some serious ass, and goddamnit, Alistair, stop it ;__; )
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Spoilers up to zombie battle in Redcliffe.

In which OH SHIIIIII-- )

Also, screenshots! :D )
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I need some Dragon Age icons. I am uploading screenshots to the website, which I will then proceed to save and icon with glee. What? So I want Alistair's face all over my internet. If that is wrong, I don't want to be right.

A graduation! )

Anyway, when I got home, I, predictably, played more Dragon Age: Origins. It was a session full of fetch-quests, but I also manged to fill it with a lot of chatting with my party, and that was enjoyable. So, this is probably not as exciting (and definitely not as full of capslock) as the last one, but... here it is anyway.

In which my adventuring party veers to the 'loony' end of the spectrum, and I start to develop that thing called empathy )
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This game. This gaaaame. I am addicted! Hooked! Dependent! [livejournal.com profile] sakuratsukikage! I hope you are happy! :D

Continuation of Dragon Age: Origins )

Edit: And I was just informed that Morrigan's mom is voiced by KATE FUCKING MULGREW.


Video gamesssss

Monday, May 9th, 2011 06:56 pm
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Okay. After talking to [livejournal.com profile] sakuratsukikage on Saturday night, I became convinced that I absolutely had to play Dragon Age: Origins like RIGHT NOW. So, I went out this morning and bought it. Tangentially, I find it interesting that the new copy of DA:O for PC that I bought was loads cheaper than the used copy of the expansion pack for the PS3. Seriously, what? Anyway, I was honestly not intending to do much gaming on my laptop, but one, I am suddenly legimitately interested in playing this game, and two, this computer is seriously fast, and this will be a good way to put it through its paces.

Anyway, I told Emma that I would keep my chosen story paths and my general reactions to the game well-documented for her. The easiest way to do this is LJ! So, you all get to follow along as I play DA:O, laugh at my stupid decisions, and hopefully not judge me too much.

So, then. Onwards. )
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Links to each fic in my journal will include the following information:
Title (Character(s), rating [warnings]; word count)

Here is information on the various original characters involved.


  • Total Recall - a crossover centering on Blackwatch agents Maddie McCarroll and Lilah Eshkibog, and their daughters Lena McCarroll and Max Eshkibog.
    • Ghosts Part 2 (Lena McCarroll, Ana Amari, Teen [abandonment issues], 1608 words)
    • Ghosts Part 1 (Lena McCarroll, Jack Morrison, Teen [fights!!], 2630 words)

Dragon Age
  • There Be No Justice (In Destiny or Time) - longfic (in progress) about the Fereldan Wardens post-DA2/pre-Inquisition
  • Nightmares (DA2; F!Hawke, Anders; PG, 1216 words)
  • Stitches (DA2; Aveline, Merrill, others; G; 3965 words)
  • Fade Dreams (DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Taliesin Mahariel; T, 1330 words)
  • The King's (Or Not) Maille (DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Alistair; G, 1475 words)
  • That Moment When (DA:O; Alistair/Lyna Mahariel; G; 1170 words)
  • Dare (Pre-DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Taliesin Mahariel, Radha; G; 560 words)

Mass Effect
  • Neurotaxis (ME2; Shepard, Legion, Tali'zorah; T [injuries/blood]; 1343 words)

Axis Powers Hetalia

Original Projects: I'm cleaning this stuff up, don't mind me )
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