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Links to each fic in my journal will include the following information:
Title (Character(s), rating [warnings]; word count)

Here is information on the various original characters involved.


  • Total Recall - a crossover centering on Blackwatch agents Maddie McCarroll and Lilah Eshkibog, and their daughters Lena McCarroll and Max Eshkibog.
    • Ghosts Part 2 (Lena McCarroll, Ana Amari, Teen [abandonment issues], 1608 words)
    • Ghosts Part 1 (Lena McCarroll, Jack Morrison, Teen [fights!!], 2630 words)

Dragon Age
  • There Be No Justice (In Destiny or Time) - longfic (in progress) about the Fereldan Wardens post-DA2/pre-Inquisition
  • Nightmares (DA2; F!Hawke, Anders; PG, 1216 words)
  • Stitches (DA2; Aveline, Merrill, others; G; 3965 words)
  • Fade Dreams (DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Taliesin Mahariel; T, 1330 words)
  • The King's (Or Not) Maille (DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Alistair; G, 1475 words)
  • That Moment When (DA:O; Alistair/Lyna Mahariel; G; 1170 words)
  • Dare (Pre-DA:O; Lyna Mahariel/Taliesin Mahariel, Radha; G; 560 words)

Mass Effect
  • Neurotaxis (ME2; Shepard, Legion, Tali'zorah; T [injuries/blood]; 1343 words)

Axis Powers Hetalia

Original Projects:

(So, this is all really old, like 10 years old, and it's stuff I would really like to go back and completely re-do and re-adapt into an actual historial period instead of some kind of fake fantasy feudal Japan. Please forgive it.)

  • The Seiva War history (chronological):
    • 294 May 27, 11:24 AM link (Himitsu Tomoshige/Akihimo Hanako, Himitsu Katorou, Himitsu Kaida; G; 920 words)
    • 300 November 2, 11:32 AM link (Minoru Tadeki, Himitsu Tomoshige; G; 550 words)
    • 300 November 29, Night link (Himitsu Tomoshige, others [minor characters]; PG-13 [death, combat]; 1140 words)
    • 301 [winter?] link (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi, others [soldiers]; G; 1107 words)
    • 302 February link (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi, others [soldiers]; G; 1036 words)
    • 302 [spring?] link (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi, Shimoto Kenji, Genda Shoji; PG [alcohol]; 1350 words)
    • 302 May link (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi; G [mild angst]; 559 words)
  • Post-War/Aftermath (chronological):
  • Post-RPG (newest to oldest):
    • link (Himitsu Kaida/Koichi Ryoushi; PG [angst]; 1200 words)
    • Sins (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi; G; 556 words)
    • Rain (Himitsu Kaida/Koichi Ryoushi; G; 200 words)
    • Nostalgia (Oomori Shiomaru/Himitsu Katorou; G; 572 words)
    • Free (Himitsu Kaida, Oomori Shiomaru; G; 291 words)
  • Uncategorized (newest to oldest):
    • 307 autumn (Koichi Ryoushi/Kamata Natsumi; G; 400 words)
    • link (Himitsu Kaida, Koichi Ryoushi; G; x words)
    • Satori (Himitsu Katorou; PG [mild violence]; 402 words)
    • The Fan (Oomori Shiomaru/Himitsu Katorou; PG; 274 words)
    • Duality (Himitsu Kaida, others [family, nameless soldiers]; PG [mild angst]; 947 words)
    • Recollection (Himitsu Tomoshige, others [soldiers]; PG; 281 words)
    • Blood Loss (Koichi Ryoushi, Himitsu Kaida; G; 309 words)
    • Sinking (Himitsu Kaida; PG; 391 words)


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