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When we last left our heroes, we had gone in search of a Dalish clan to present our treaties and had found a whole mess of werewolf-related troubles, which were soon revealed to have been the work of the clan's keeper, Zathrian. Having convinced him to end the curse (even at the cost of his life) and secured the support of the Dalish clans, I take a quick trip back into the forest with Leliana so we can unlock a lot of the chests that we couldn't get before (thanks a lot, Zevran!). Alistair and Thracys come along with us, of course, because they are indispensable. Anyway, we run around the woods a bit, checking the nooks and crannies, until at some point, we are jumped by a pack of assassins. Really? Here? Well, they give us a pretty good run for our money, but the tide of the battle is in our favor—but before we can kill the last one of them, Leliana stops me. She remarks on the quality of their equipment, and from what little the one survivor tells us about the circumstances of his employment (not much, but the fact that they were specifically told to kill the redhead girl), Leliana deduces that they must have been sent by Marjolaine, her former mentor and lover.

Well. I think it's pretty clear at this point that nobody messes with my friends and gets away with it, so we plan for another trip back to Denerim to take care of things.

In the meantime, let's run around in the forest some more! On impulse... let's mess with those tombstones that we found before. I have a good feeling about this. Just gotta scuff up those runes, yes, there we go...

… oh, hey, a Revenant.

Welp, this may have been a bad idea.

Surprisingly, we don't get our asses handed to us. We make pretty clean work of it, actually, once we figure out it's more efficient to take out the weaker minions so we can all gang up on the Revenant itself. Once we kill it, we discover that it's got some rather nice armor on it. This is ours now! What's that, you say, it could belong to a set? Well, then, let's go around and do the same with the other gravestones. Each battle gets easier as we refine our strategy, and we pick up more of this nice armor (though it's waaaay too heavy for any of us to wear, sadly). We duck into the ruins as well, and stumble on some room we hadn't found before with a little spring and an altar and an obvious puzzle involving the two and a clay jar. I mess around with it for a bit and get a little bored with it, and figure it's a good time to go back to camp and sell off some swag...

… and it's cutscene time. Oh, man, I hate to talk about this because I don't want to detract from the emotional PUNCH IN THE THROAT that this was, but the timing of the scene was really awkward. Like, I'm just returning for a little bit, and it was not a time to be sleeping, and it didn't really make sense with the hopping about that I was doing, but, whatever, I can deal with it. Please ignore this, because I can't help but be hypercritical of games now. In fact, forget this paragraph entirely because some things are more important than my obsessive need to complain.

The black dragon lunges, its wings spread, jaws open, eyes staring right at me, and it shrieks cruelty and rage and terrible laughter. There's no question now that it sees me, that it knows us—who we are, where we are. Oh my god. The music in this brief scene alone almost made me (Tracy) jump out of my seat, it was so startling and raw.

With a start, I (Lyna) wake. We're in camp. Alistair startles awake at the same moment, and asks me hurriedly if I saw it as well—if I felt that the archdemon could really see us. Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah, I felt it. Oh fuck, oh sweet raptor Jesus, what are we going to do. D: Well. Obviously what we need to do is kill the goddamn thing, never mind that I have no fucking idea how to do this aaaaah. D: D:

Just as we say that we'd best be careful, there's an awful wailing from all around camp, and a pack of Shrieks appear—this being a particular weak but annoying breed of darkspawn. They rise up from the ground and attack, but by this time, everyone in camp is on guard, and we wipe them out in moments. It seems that the assault is over for the moment... but no, wait, there's something over there by the trees. What...?

Oh my god.

Oh my god. D:

Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, it's Tamlen. ;____;

Oh my god, Tamlen, no. No, no, no. He's... been turned. The taint has transformed him into this... awful... he's a darkspawn, but he's not like the other shrieks—I can tell he's fought so hard to remain who he was, but... oh my god. ;__; There's deep sorrow in his eyes and his terribly warped voice. No, Tamlen, there's got to be something we can do to save you. I'm so sorry, oh, Creators, I'm sorry. ;____; He tries to flee, but goddamnit, Tamlen, no! You're not getting away—we've got to be able to do something! He demands that I stay away, but I will not. I refuse. Overcome, he attacks... and everyone at camp descends on him.

In moments, he is dead.

Alistair asks me who it was, and all I can say is that his name was Tamlen. It seems Alistair remembered the little scene on our way to the Urn of Sacred Ashes, since he recognizes the name as the friend of mine whom I thought had died in that Creators-damned cave. He does me the kindness of not mincing words, and says that that's what happens if the taint goes unchecked.

Later, I ask him a bit about the dream we had, and well... in his words, it's clear now that this is officially a Blight.


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