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In which the capslock-to-seriousness ratio regresses slightly, and there is a little mush.

When we last left our heroes, OH, DOES IT REALLY MATTER NOW THAT I AM ROMANCING ALISTAIR AT LAST? Oh, okay, fine, to recap: after curing Arl Eamon and then being told that he'd call a Landsmeet and there present Alistair as the one remaining blood-related claim to the throne, we took a happy little hike south to Ostagar and dug through the ruined city in search of the dead king's armor, his father's sword, and some letters and stuff, and also kicked ass while doing it. Yeah. And then, Alistair called me beautiful. Everything is perfect and nothing hurts.

And then I (Tracy) got massively sick for two days, and in fact am still rather sick on this third day but went to work anyway because I hate myself and also have used way too many of my sick days because this year fucking blows. I got home so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open, but WHATEVER. IF I AM WELL ENOUGH TO WORK, I AM WELL ENOUGH TO SAVE FERELDEN OR POSSIBLY CONTINUE TO MAKE ALISTAIR LOVE ME.

Needless to say, I did not do a whole lot this evening. Honestly I just ran around Denerim some more to chip away at a few minor quests, sell some armor, do some shopping, and also do Alistair's personal quest.

So, last time, before all of the mushy nonsense, Alistair had told me that he thought he had a half-sister, named Goldanna, living in Denerim. I agreed that we could stop by and look around for her, so we do a little hunting and find what he believes is her house in the market district. Why do I have the sudden feeling that this is too good to be true?

Inside the house, we're promptly snapped at by a tall, thin woman with a bony face and longish hair. She's not sure if she should believe us at first, but when we convince her that Alistair really is her brother, she... oh, dear. She seems to think that because Alistair is the son of the king (illegitimate or not), he's probably got the money and power to set her and her five children up rather well, and, uh, no? Not really? She even has the nerve to ask if I'm some servant of his, excuse me? and I'm ready to punch her in the throat at that, but Alistair leaps to my defense. Clearly he feels awful abut the whole situation because he asks if we can give her fifteen gold coins, and, well, okay, because I love you, but... argh, the gold-digging jerk won't have anything to do with us if we can't instantly place her at a station appropriate for the half-sister of a prince, and what? Argh! Look, Alistair, this isn't getting us anywhere. It's best if we just... go.

He agrees. We leave. He expresses disappointment that his “family” wasn't all it's cracked up to be. This is a moment where I (Lyna) really do feel bad, because... for us, clan is family, isn't it? Even if we don't have our close blood relatives with us (take me, for instance—parents killed by humans, no siblings [in THIS continuity, ahahaha]), there's the clan to raise us, to care for us, to do all of the things that a family ought to. So, it's one thing that I as an elf have really had better than a lot of the humans I'm growing close to, and that is... odd.

Anyway, my reply to this is, you don't need someone like that. You've got other people who care for you. To that, he says that Duncan was the only person who really cared for him, and OH GODDAMNIT, ALISTAIR, HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ANY ATTENTION AT ALL? I care about you, you ridiculously adorable fellow Grey Warden, you. Okay, I don't say that in so many words, but you get the idea.

Later, he thanks me for coming with him and for talking him down afterward, and oh, sweetie, it'll be okay. ;__; I tell him, we're in this together, and because he's Alistair, he gets all sweet and awkward and says, “I have your back—you know that, right?” and oh god why do bad things always happen to you. WHERE IS THE HUG OPTION.

So, we run some errands in town (including picking up some nice drake-scale armor from the local smith—I look smashing if you don't mind my saying so, and it's light as a feather, though the, uh, pastel-blue color does leave something to be desired) and then head back to camp. I have Duncan's and Maric's swords enchanted (well, extra-enchanted) using some of the nicer runes that we've picked up (let's just say that there will be very few darkspawn in the universe who can pose a threat to us with these babies), and then WAIT FOR IT, I BET YOU CAN'T GUESS I go and talk to Alistair.

I've talked to him so much that I've blitzed through pretty much all of the conversation options except the “will you join me in my tent?” and the “I need to tell you how much I enjoy your company” choices. Unfortunately I think that both of them are still slightly beyond my (Lyna's) reach in terms of character development, being comfortable about humans, being comfortable about being attracted to humans, et cetera, but the latter is definitely much closer to what I (Lyna) am ready for, and... it's true, and I'm accepting that. So, there.

He gets all blush-y and cute (GODDAMNIT, ALISTAIR) and says that he thinks the same thing—that he's glad that I'm me and not some other Grey Warden (and that that sounded better before he said it, but don't worry, I understand), and that he's come to care about me. Aww. All I can really think to do is to thank him, because I am awkward and these feelings are deeply confusing to me. He says, all we've got to do now is defeat that pesky archdemon, and everything will be back to normal.

… normal? What is normal? Please tell me, Alistair, what about our lives after that point—factoring in whatever may happen at the Landsmeet (whether that ends in civil war, or your becoming king, or Creators know what else could happen) plus the facts that Duncan and all of your friends are dead, that my clan is gone and I'm a Grey Warden and there's no going back, that King Cailan is dead and we're the last two Grey Wardens in Ferelden, and above all, that this fierce elf is falling in love with a smelly human—I ask you, what about this situation could possibly be considered normal?

Date: Friday, June 17th, 2011 07:11 pm (UTC)
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Alistair's companion quest is pretty sad, potentially only rivaled by Leliana's. Since it's after the fact, one of the consequences of the quest, if you opt for dialogue options along the line of "everyone is out for themselves," is "hardening" Alistair, making him a bit more assertive. Among other things, doing so opens up the possibility of a threesome with Isabella in the Pearl.


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